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Dentures in Silver Spring & Hyattsville, MD

Dentures in Hyattsville & Silver Spring, MD<Of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures out there, you’re probably the most familiar with dentures even if you don’t have one. Dentures represent one of the oldest and most commonly depicted dental prosthetics. Just think about their portrayal in pop culture — even many cartoons, when they animate false teeth, feature the classic dentures that are designed to fit over the teeth and gums.

Of course, dentures in reality aren’t exactly the same as the ones depicted in the media, but Stellar Dental patients who get custom-made dentures from Dr. Allen Gotora are vastly pleased with the results. Despite how long they’ve been around, the allure of dentures hasn’t significantly decreased at all. They remain one of the best viable solutions for missing teeth for many patients.

Why should I get dentures made for me?

  • So, you might be wondering, even if dentures are a good solution, why should I get a denture made for me in the first place? The answer is simple — because losing a tooth (or even multiple teeth) creates problems on multiple levels.

  • There are, of course, the obvious drawbacks of having a gap in your mouth left behind by a tooth. Chief among these is the functional — missing a tooth will directly affect how you chew and speak. Of course, this may not be a huge problem if you’ve only lost a single tooth, but patients who lack several teeth in a row may find it severely debilitating.

  • Clear cosmetic problems exist as well. A gap-toothed smile is typically only attractive on first graders and looks quite odd on anyone else. For a society in which over 90% of the people consider their smile to be a powerful asset, that difference can have more widespread impact than you might imagine. There’s a reason why dentures and other dental prosthetics are considered a subset of cosmetic dentistry. It’s because the cosmetic change the procedure can make is one of its clearest advantages.

  • Other problems with missing teeth, though, might not be as obvious. For example, did you know that missing a tooth could affect the other teeth in the mouth as well? This is because the mouth isn’t a just static environment. Every part of the mouth is in constant communication with the rest of the system. When the nerves in your mouth detect the lack of a tooth, the whole mouth will try to make up for that. This could mean that teeth could start shifting around, and your jawbone might recede as a result.

But what if I’m only missing a couple teeth?

Dentures in Hyattsville & Silver Spring, MD

One of the main reasons people may overlook dentures is the common misperception that dentures only work if the patient is missing a whole row of teeth. While there are dentures designed for those exact situations called “complete dentures,” they definitely aren’t the only kind of dentures out there.

In fact, there’s a whole subtype of dentures called “partial dentures” that may be perfect for your situation instead. As the name implies, partial dentures replace a few missing teeth as a sort of “bridge” that is supported by a metal or plastic frame. This may sound like an awkward fit, but they can actually be quite natural. If you think you could benefit from a partial denture, contact Dr. Allen Gotora at Stellar Dental to see what he can do!

What is the process for getting dentures like?

  • So, with all that being said, what is getting a denture actually like? The process is extremely easy. Dr. Gotora will take impressions of your jaw and teeth to create a designing mold of the area that needs the denture. Because dentures aren’t attached to the mouth in any way, you don’t need any sort of surgery or physical procedure to get a denture. That mold is sent to a dental laboratory which will fabricate the denture and send it back to the office. This process usually takes a couple weeks. Once we receive the denture back in the office, we will call you in to have it placed.

  • At this second appointment, Dr. Gotora will ensure that the denture properly fits without pinching the gum, and functions properly during chewing against the opposing teeth.

  • You will also be given instructions on how long you should wear it and how to take care of it. This will depend on your specific situation and the type of denture you have. For example, if you’re just starting out, your dentist may recommend that you wear it 24 hours a day, but if you’ve had your denture for a while, you might be able to take it out while you sleep. You’ll also need to be proactive about keeping the denture clean. It can make a big difference in the lifespan of your new smile!

If you have a missing tooth and think you could benefit from dentures, contact Dr. Allen Gotora from Stellar Dental for more information about obtaining one! Just call (301) 754-1900 or visit our website: Stellar Dental to set up an appointment with our Maryland office today!

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