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Panorex in Silver Spring, Md.

Panorex X-RayFor the excellent oral health that you deserve, it is necessary to have a thorough dental exam at least every six months. And with Panorex X-rays, Dr. Allen Gotora and the team at Stellar Dental can make sure that any potential problems are caught.


What is a Panorex X-ray?

It used to be that when you got an X-ray at your dentist’s office, it would show cavities in or in between teeth. However, the Panorex X-ray not only checks your teeth. It does so much more!

The Panorex X-ray is sometimes referred to as a full mouth X-ray. It takes a picture of all of your teeth and the surrounding bones. This picture includes: the mandibular nerve, which provides sensation to the teeth and gums of the lower jaw; the jaw joints; the entire upper and lower jawbone; the nasal sinuses and the bones that surround them.

This means that the Panorex X-ray can spot many oral health problems. It can show the dentist if you have:

  1. Issues with the jaw joint (the temporomandibular joint)
  2. Teeth that are impacted (emerging from the gums improperly)
  3. Bone or gum disease
  4. Early signs of cancer
  5. Issues with the salivary glands, such as stones
  6. Signs of an impending stroke
  7. Signs of osteoporosis (decreased bone strength and density, which increases the risk of broken bones)
  8. Damage from any trauma that may not be visible to the naked eye


What are the other advantages to Panorex X-rays?

Although the Panorex X-rays cancatch many more problems than the traditional dental X-ray, the process for getting the X-ray is much the same. You’ll put on a protective lead apron, just as you would for any dental X-ray. You’ll sit in a chair and put your chin up on a ledge. The camera will start at one end of the jaw and move to the other end, recording images all the way. You’ll have to sit perfectly still, but the whole process will only take a few seconds.

For traditional dental X-rays, patients have to hold X-ray films in the mouth, which can be difficult for some. With Panorex X-rays, this isn’t necessary, which makes this type of X-ray much more comfortable for patients who have trouble opening their mouth, or if a patient has had an injury, such as a fracture of the teeth or jaws.

Panorex X-rays are an easy way to check a child’s teeth. And, they are used to obtain baseline data for a patient’s long-term dental health to help the dentist develop a treatment plan before treatment begins and to check on the progress of treatment as it continues.

This new, sophisticated kind of X-ray not only helps patients to have great oral health, but also to have great health in general. Panorex X-rays help Dr. Gotora to catch health problems early, and that’s why Stellar Dental is happy to offer this kind of X-ray!

If you are having problems with your oral health, Dr. Gotora and Stellar Dental can help. Call (301) 754-1900 to make an appointment today.