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Snap On Smile

Snap On Smile in Silver Spring & Hyattsville, MD

Snap On Smile in Hyattsville & Silver Spring, MDCosmetic dentistry has advanced dramatically in recent years, but there is one constant that you may have noticed: price. Cosmetic procedures that revamp the aesthetics of the entire mouth are often costly and, even with insurance, it could be a big step for you and your family to take.

It was with these thoughts in mind that the Snap-On Smile technique was developed. Snap-On Smiles are a unique cosmetic procedure that only specially trained dentists like Dr. Allen Gotora from Stellar Dental are qualified to provide. They offer the opportunity for any patient to completely redo a smile quickly and cheaply.

What is the Snap-On Smile technique?

  • Snap-On Smiles are able to work so well at such a low price because of how they are structured. They are completely removable pieces that fit over your existing teeth (kind of like an invisible retainer). As such, they are custom-made for each patient and can have any features that both the patient and dentist agree are necessary. They can be used to solve a variety of cosmetic issues (see below for more details), and provide completely functional and aesthetically pleasing results.

  • To begin the procedure, your dentist will first carefully examine your teeth to make sure there are no cavities, and to determine what kind of defect needs to be fixed. A variety of tools, including molds, impressions, and x-rays, may be used to create a complete and accurate picture of your teeth. Because Snap-On Smiles are designed to be long term solutions, getting all the details right is extremely important. It could make the difference between having a comfortable fit and needing a replacement.

  • It usually takes a few weeks for the Snap-On Smile to be created. Your dentist will likely have you come in for a few visits to make any minor adjustments that may be necessary, but that’s all that is needed. All you have to do is wear the Snap-On Smile and regularly clean and maintain it — no surgeries or other invasive procedures are needed (which helps drive down the cost).

  • There is one drawback, though — not everyone may be eligible for the procedure. Common problems like sensitive teeth or missing teeth may not always be barriers and may even be reasons to prefer the treatment, but everything will vary from case to case. The only way to see if you could get a Snap-On Smile is to visit a dentist who provides the service. So contact Maryland dentist Dr. Allen Gotora to start the evaluation process.

  • What kinds of problems could a Snap-On Smile help?

    Snap-On Smiles are designed to be overarching cosmetic solutions, so they can be applied to a number of different cosmetic dental problems. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Discolored teeth:

      While Snap-On Smiles may not directly wash off the stains from your teeth, they do provide an alternative exterior that hides signs of discoloration. That means that Snap-On Smiles are good choices for situations in which traditional teeth whitening methods don’t work as well as you’d hoped, or situations in which the staining may be too serious to reverse.

    • Minor chips and cracks:

      Teeth can become damaged accidentally, and when that damage doesn’t affect the functionality of the tooth, Snap-On Smiles can be a good solution. The mouthpieces can cover signs of damage while adding a layer of protection even if they can’t fully restore the tooth in question.

    • Crooked teeth:

      Most of the time, people default to expensive orthodontia to fix their crooked teeth, but cosmetic dentistry can often achieve a similar result at a far lower price. Snap-On Smiles, for example, can subtly manipulate the exterior of the teeth, hiding signs of crookedness and presenting an aesthetically pleasing result.

    • Gaps between teeth:

      In the same way, Snap-On Smiles could be used to fix any gaps between the teeth that exist. Of course, for severe gaps as well as severely crooked teeth, orthodontics may be your best and only option. But for the most commonly observed issues, a cosmetic solution should be enough to provide good results.

    • Missing teeth:

      Finally, Snap-On Smiles may be yet another way to replace missing teeth. However, because the technology is relatively new, not every case may be eligible. Seeing Dr. Gotora is the only way to figure out if you could get a Snap-On Smile to hide your missing tooth.

    If you experience any of these problems or have more questions about Snap-On Smiles, contact Dr. Allen Gotora from Stellar Dental, a certified provider of the service! You can call (301) 754-1900 or visit the website: Stellar Dental to set up an appointment today!

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