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Oral Pathology

Oral Pathology

Oral SurgeryPerhaps you have a wisdom tooth that needs an extraction, but your regular dentist won’t touch it. When you ask why, your dentist mentions that it’s growing in sideways and is too deeply impacted. The throbbing pain that it triggers is enough to make you groan. Your dentist sympathizes with you, but mentions that he is not qualified for this level of treatment. What you need is a specialist. So, where do you go from here? The answer lies with a dentist who also specializes in oral pathology as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery.

What is the difference between a general dentist and one who specializes in oral pathology and surgery? Read on to find out.

A dentist who specializes in oral pathology and surgery can help you overcome many oral diseases and conditions.

For a specialist in the Silver Spring, MD, or Hyattsville, MD, area, look no further than Stellar Dental. With his skills and training, Dr. Gotora can answer all your questions regarding oral health, diseases and conditions.

What is oral pathology and how does it differ from general dentistry?

Frontal teeth needing medical attention - before and after treatment.

Oral pathology is much different than general dentistry in that it is more involved than the latter. The dentist needs to have more training and skills. For general dentists, that means approximately 8 years of training. Yet, for a dentist who specializes in oral pathology and oral and maxillofacial surgery, training can jump to 14 years. For this reason, Dr. Gotora is the perfect choice for all your dental and oral surgery needs

There are two distinct areas to oral pathology and surgery: diagnosing the problem and finding a solution that works. An oral pathologist is someone who studies and diagnoses the many diseases and conditions that affect the following:

  • The mouth,
  • The teeth,
  • The facial bones, especially your jaw, and
  • The soft tissues of your mouth.

While Dr. Gotora practices both dentistry and oral pathology, he takes it a step further and can also treat the oral condition or disease as well. At Stellar Dental, we can help with all your dental dilemmas as well as oral pathology concerns. Dr. Gotora is trained to delve into the realm of oral and facial surgery, earning him the title of not just a dentist, but also an oral surgeon.

What is an oral surgeon?

Oral surgeons are specialty dentists who bridge the gap between dentistry and medicine. That’s because they are trained in both oral and facial medicine as well as dentistry. With his training, Dr. Gotora can provide effective care for many diseases and conditions that affect the tissues, teeth, and bones of your mouth.

What kinds of disease are helped by oral pathology?

There are many different oral diseases and conditions that dentists in oral pathology can treat. To name them all would lead to a seemingly endless list, yet, there are some that you may be more familiar with:

  • Cleft lip or palate,
  • Tooth abscess,
  • Oral, head, and neck cancer,
  • Jaw cysts or tumors,
  • Oral lesions,
  • TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder),
  • Jaw and facial bone fractures,
  • Periodontal disease,
  • Wisdom teeth, and,
  • Overcrowded teeth.

These are a few of the many diseases that oral surgeons can treat. There are, however, many more that are not listed. For all your dental and oral health problems, give Stellar Dental a call. Let us show you what an oral surgeon can do for you today.

Why is oral pathology important?

Oral pathology is vital to understand and properly diagnose oral diseases and conditions. Many of these can lead to serious health problems without prompt, adequate care. A dentist of oral pathology like Dr. Gotora has the skills needed to determine the type and level of care needed for all your oral health concerns.

Where can I find a dentist who practices oral pathology in my area?

Not every dentist has the skills to care for the many conditions associated with the field of oral pathology or oral surgery. When you have an oral disease or condition, don’t delay. Getting the right kind of professional help is vital to successful recovery. Let the staff at Stellar Dental help you on your path to positive oral health. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. Dr. Gotora is ready and waiting to help you with all your oral health needs.

For your convenience, we offer two office locations in Maryland. Contact us at our Silver Spring office at (301) 754-1900 or our Hyattsville office at (301) 853-1567. At Stellar Dental, we are here for you when you need us. Give us a call today.