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How to Have Sound Sleep After Wisdom Tooth Removal

How to Have Sound Sleep After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Teenagers and adults often seek help from dentists for the removal or extraction of wisdom tooth. Normally, wisdom tooth does not cause any problem, but sometimes the wisdom tooth will take up too much space which shifts other teeth around and causes pain.

For people who go for the wisdom tooth removal, loss of sleep is common due to the post-surgical pain. However, if you follow these useful tips, you can sleep peacefully after the wisdom tooth removal process.

Removal of Gauze

After the extraction of a wisdom tooth, the dentist places gauze pads over the incision site to stop the bleeding. Dentists typically advise patients to remove it after half an hour of the surgery. These must be removed before you go to sleep or else you might choke on the gauze.

Take Prescribed Medicines

Since the post-surgical pain reaches its peak 6-10 hours after the surgery, it is important to take the prescribed medicines on time. Follow the medicine schedule without any breaks and you can sleep comfortably. Make sure that you follow the schedule consistently.

Use an Ice-Pack

You can apply an ice pack on the swollen area if you are experiencing swelling and pain. It will reduce both. You can keep the pack on for a shorter nap but using it for long rest is not recommended.

Lie in a Comfortable Position

It is important for you to lie in a posture that relieves you of the pain. You can keep a pillow under your head if the elevation really comforts you. You can also listen to music to help you feel relaxed.

The tips mentioned above will ensure you a sound night of sleep and will also help you recover from the post-surgical pain. You will feel much better; sooner than you think.

FAQs on Wisdom Tooth Removal:

Can I sleep on my side after wisdom tooth removal?

You should avoid sleeping on your side for a few days after wisdom tooth removal. Sleeping in an upright position is recommended to keep the bleeding under control. Also, keep your head elevated to reduce swelling and bleeding.

How long do I have to sleep elevated/keep sitting up after wisdom tooth removal?

Elevated sleeping is recommended for the first and second day of surgery. Sleep with your head elevated for at least 72 hours or until the bleeding has stopped.

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