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All About Oral Cancer Awareness Month

All About Oral Cancer Awareness Month

All around the US, April is celebrated as Oral Cancer Awareness Month. During this time, oral cancer screenings are quite a norm. The aim of the screening is to carefully examine the mouth and tongue in order to detect any early signs of oral cancer. Initially people develop symptoms such as sore, red or white spot.

People are encouraged to visit dentists for a screening during April. Approximately more than 9000 women and 21000 men in the US get cancer diagnosis according to the National Cancer Institute. In the year 2010, National Cancer Institute found that 36,540 people were diagnosed with oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

The five-year survival rate for those analyzed early is 75 percent contrasted with a 20 percent survival rate in those whose growth has spread, reports the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

The main agenda of Oral Cancer Awareness Month is to create awareness about oral cancer among people. Various non-profit organizations participate in this mega drive to end oral cancer.

How to Join This Movement?
Anyone can join this great initiative as it’s quite simple to join. The organizations promote the month of April as Oral Cancer Awareness Month through various press releases and other popular means. One can host a free screening event for a community.

The various ways to offer a free screening to your community are:

Scheduled Screenings
Screenings can happen throughout the month where interested people can contact and schedule an appointment.

Office Event
A minimum 3 hours screening can take place at your office. Normally walk-ins and appointments are encouraged for this event. It can be a small or a large event.

Out of Office Public Event
It is normally organized on either Saturday or Sunday when people can comfortably participate in the activities.

The objectives of Oral Cancer Awareness Month are:

  • Find a cure for oral cancer

  • Create awareness among people

  • Run campaign and events for people’s benefit

  • Encourage people to participate and get their screening done

  • Provide consultation regarding symptoms, treatment and prevention.

People must be made aware about oral cancer through various means. Educating person has always been the utmost concern of Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

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