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When Do You Need Teeth Whitening and How Do You Get It?

When Do You Need Teeth Whitening and How Do You Get It?

Bad eating habits and choices cause discoloration and staining of teeth which may negatively affect your health and self-confidence. A professional teeth whitening procedure will help you get rid of stains and achieve a pearly white smile that will give you the confidence to smile, talk, and laugh without any hesitation.

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How do you get yellow teeth?

Discoloration or staining of teeth can be caused due to the following reasons.

  • Eating certain foods with high citric acid
  • Drinks like tea, coffee, and red wine
  • Smoking
  • Aging
  • Taking certain medicines
  • Genetics

When should you whiten your teeth?

Discoloration or staining of teeth can make your teeth look yellow which is not a good sign of your oral hygiene. It not only makes you feel uncomfortable while talking or smiling, but it can also cause serious dental problems. You can overlook the need for professional teeth cleaning service at an early stage but you may need it at a later stage when you face serious dental problems.

How to permanently get rid of yellow teeth?

There is no permanent way to get rid of yellow teeth. People who smoke a lot, or consume a lot of beverages or foods with high citric acid may develop yellow teeth within a month after the teeth whitening procedure.

Can you whiten your teeth naturally at home?

There are ways to whiten your teeth at home, but the best natural teeth whitener is to prevent your teeth from getting discolored to begin with. It’s best to visit a professional dental clinic providing cosmetic dentistry that includes the best teeth whitening services.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

Your dentist will first analyze the condition of your teeth, and will then suggest the best teeth whitening procedure for you. There are several teeth whitening solutions available, each varying on its type and process. However, only professional teeth whitening services can offer you the best long-lasting results.

How often can you get your teeth professionally whitened?

Professional teeth whitening usually last for one year or more. It’s best to consult your dentist to check whether your teeth need to be professionally whitened.

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