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Refer a Friend

Stellar Dental ‘Refer a Friend’ Program

What Is the Stellar Dental ‘Refer a Friend’ Program?

You can help spread the word and promote our excellent dental care through our ‘Refer a Friend’ referral program. By participating in this program, you will be a vital instrument in helping your family and friends get the best dental care.

We value your opinion about our excellence in dental and oral care, and we know that word-of-mouth is the best kind of referral. The comments and recommendations you make to friends, family and co-workers really do influence their decisions. Most people looking for a new dentist will ask a friend about theirs.

Referral Reward Program

Here’s your chance to win exciting prizes like televisions and iPads! Refer a friend and you get two tickets for our monthly raffle drawing. You can also earn a raffle ticket by leaving us a review. Come join us today, and be entered to be one of our lucky winners in our monthly raffle drawing!

Fill out the form below and your referred friend will receive an email about their new referral!

Refer a Friend September 24, 2014