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9 Important Things You Need to Know About Tooth Extraction

9 Important Things You Need to Know About Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is one of the most common yet most feared procedure in the realms of dentistry. If your tooth is broken or damaged due to decay, your dentist will first try to fix it either through crown or filling or some other treatment. But sometimes, the condition of your tooth becomes too bad to be repaired. In such circumstances, the only option is tooth extraction. Your dentist first tries his best to save your tooth. A tooth extraction is suggested only if it becomes very necessary.

Here are some important things you should know before going for an extraction:

  1. It’s Not Dangerous

    Many people have a notion that tooth extraction is dangerous and can aggravate dental complications. However, dentists use local anaesthetic and other sophisticated tools to make the procedure pain-free. If no other options are left, a tooth extraction is the best way to get rid of infected tooth and protect your gums from infection or decay.

  2. Preparation Is Required

    First, your dental surgeon will take an x-ray of the problem area to decide how to remove your tooth. You must provide all your medical history, the treatments you have gone through and the medications you take. You need a panoramic x-ray if the infected tooth is your wisdom tooth. This x-ray takes the picture of your entire teeth at once. It will show you certain important things like:

    Any infection, tumors and bone disease which might be there

    • The upper tooth’s relationship with sinuses
    • The relation between wisdom teeth to other teeth
    • The lower teeth’s relationship with inferior alveolar nerve.
  3. Oral Hygiene

    Keeping your mouth clean is very important. Gently brush your teeth the night of your surgery. Do not tamper with surgical areas. You can rinse with saltwater 24 hours after the surgery in case if there is minimal bleeding. You can prepare it by mixing 1 tablespoon of salt with 8 ounces of water. It should be done atleast 2-3 times a day after having meals.

  4. Antibiotics

    After the tooth extraction procedure, taking antibiotics will be helpful. People normally develop infectious complications such as swelling, pain, dry socket, pus drainage and fever after the extraction. These can be treated by antibiotics. Even if the patients do not develop these complications, antibiotics are given to them just to play safe.

  5. Abstain from Smoking

    Cigarettes contain tooth staining properties and over 5000 chemicals which are detrimental for your oral well-being. Smoking highly increases the risk of infection and it should be avoided for at least a week after the extraction.

  6. Swelling

    Apply ice-packs outside your mouth at an interval of every 20 minutes for the next two days to reduce any discomfort such as bruising and swelling. Your dentist might advice you to use warm, moist compresses rather than ice if the tooth has been infected prior to removal.

  7. Bleeding

    After the surgery, it is very much possible to have some bleeding. Dentists advice to keep a gauze pad over extraction site for atleast half-an-hour. An alternative can be using a moistened tea-bag for half-an-hour. It is benefical because tea contains tannic acid that contracts the bleeding vessels and aid the blood clot set.

  8. Mouth Care

    Limit eating, talking and drinking after the first two hours post surgery and take a rest for the remaining day. Avoid physical exercises for few days, stay away from spitting and smoking till the time bleeding is there. After 12 hours of the surgery, gently rinse with a saltwater or a mouthwash.

  9. Diet

    It is recommended to drink cold fluids or lukewarm to keep hydrated. Eat healthy foods like mashed potatoes, eggs, cooked cereals, vegetables and fruits and meat liquified in a blender. Avoid carbonated drinks and foods such as popcorn, pasta and peanuts as these can leave particles in your teeth.

It is important to take care of your tooth before and after extraction. These tips will definitely help you with a speedy recovery.

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