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How Mouth Bacteria and Gum Disease Can Affect Your Lungs

How Mouth Bacteria and Gum Disease Can Affect Your Lungs

Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria that can spread to other areas of your body, including the lungs. This can lead to a variety of upper respiratory infections and may even make it possible for the infection to spread to the heart and other organs.

mouth bacteria and gum disease affect your lungs

Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene allows bacteria to grow in the mouth unchecked. With every breath you take and each time you swallow, bacteria can travel through your body. If your immune system is compromised in any way, this could lead to a disaster. In addition to increasing your risk of tooth decay, your risk of an upper respiratory infection also increases.

Bacteria Travel

Bacteria that begin in the mouth can easily travel throughout the body in a short period of time. Breathing in can carry the bacteria deep into the lungs from where they can then travel to the heart. Swallowing will also carry bacteria and viruses through the digestive tract.

While the harsh environment of the stomach may destroy many of the bacteria, there is a chance that they may pass through. This allows the bacteria to start affecting the kidneys and other organs.

Keeping Infections to a Minimum

Bacterial infections that start in the mouth can easily be prevented by inhibiting the growth of germs. Follow these tips to keep the growth of bacteria in your mouth to a minimum:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after each meal

You can protect yourself from gum disease by:

  • Eating healthy foods
  • Reducing the amount of sugar you consume

Eating a nutritious diet will boost your immune system and help your body fight off infection. The right foods, in conjunction with good oral hygiene, can keep you healthy and free of infection.

Want to learn more about how bacteria and gum disease can affect your lungs and how you can inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent gum disease? Call us and we will help you in keeping your mouth healthy. Our team of best dentists is committed to ensuring the good oral health of our patients.

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