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How to Sleep Well after Tooth Extraction

How to Sleep Well after Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a simple process in most cases. Once the tooth has been pulled, your dentist will give you detailed instructions on how to care for the socket so you can better protect against infection and other complications.

Following a few simple steps will get you firmly on the road to recovery, free of the pain and discomfort after tooth extraction:

sleep well after tooth removal

Controlling the Bleeding

As soon as the tooth is extracted, your dentist will place a piece of gauze over the socket and ask you to hold it in place with your teeth with light pressure. Not only will this help to stop the bleeding, but it will also allow a clot to form that will eventually become the foundation for the new tissue that will grow and fill in the socket.

Proper Care, Quick Recovery

Once the clot forms in the socket, it’s important to avoid activities that may dislodge it before the new tissue has a chance to replace it. Rinse your mouth softly and avoid brushing directly over the area. Take special care to avoid getting food stuck in the socket. Always follow your dentist’s instructions. Your dentist may ask you to stop smoking and avoid sucking on straw for a few days as this could dislodge the clot and slow down the healing process.

Recovery Time

The socket should begin to close after a week to ten days. It should be completely closed in approximately two weeks but may still be tender to the touch. You should continue to carefully brush and floss the teeth nearby to prevent irritating the freshly healed wound. It’s important to take some precautions for a pain-free wisdom teeth removal experience.

Getting to Sleep After Tooth Extraction

Having a tooth extracted can result in difficulties when trying to sleep. Instead of lying flat, prop your head up with pillows, so it’s slightly above your shoulders. You can also try sleeping in a recliner for a few nights with your head slightly elevated above your feet. In case of wisdom teeth removal, follow your dentist’s suggestion for sound sleep.

A tooth extraction surgery can be a blessing in disguise if a tooth is severely damaged. With proper aftercare, you can return to your normal eating and dental care habits in just a few days without fear of injuring the wound. You may even be able to get a good night’s sleep!

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