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How Is Laser Dentistry Beneficial for Your Oral Health

How Is Laser Dentistry Beneficial for Your Oral Health

The use of lasers in the field of dentistry has been in existence since the last two decades for the treatment of numerous dental problems. Every year, with its constantly increasing applications, laser dentistry is now regarded as a potential means for an accurate execution of various dental procedures. With laser dentistry, your dentist will be able to provide you with the exact treatment that may help enhance your oral health.

How Many Types of Dental Lasers Are There?
Specific types of dental lasers are required to treat specific dental problems. This is due to the fact that each laser emits a particular wavelength of light which becomes decisive in its application area. Your dentist will determine which kind of laser is better for you upon a thorough investigation.

Dental lasers are distinguished broadly as:

  • Hard Tissue Lasers: These are mainly used to pierce through your bone and teeth with utmost precision. They are mostly used during composite bonding, slight molding of tooth structure and assist in damaged dental fillings.

  • Soft Tissue Lasers: These are useful in periodontal treatment as they are capable of destroying the bacteria and stimulate tissue re-growth. Soft tissue lasers help in quicker healing of your tissues.

How Are Lasers Applicable to Dentistry?
The ongoing expansion of dental laser applications will soon increase the count of dentists using this technology. Although laser dentistry has a significant application in cosmetic dentistry, it is a very powerful preventative tool to maintain your oral health.

Here are some of the common applications of laser dentistry:

  • Tooth Decay
    Lasers are useful in eliminating tooth decay within your tooth, and also help set up the adjoining enamel for receiving the filling.

  • Gum Disease
    Lasers can be used to remold your gums and get rid of bacteria during the process of root canal.

  • Biopsy
    Lasers are very useful in performing biopsy for removal of a tiny piece of tissue that can be probed for cancer.

  • Wound Removal
    Lasers are also useful in elimination of lesions and sores inside your mouth.

  • Teeth Whitening
    Lasers can enhance your dental whitening procedures. Your tooth surface is coated with a bleaching solution containing peroxides which gets activated by the laser energy and speeds up your teeth whitening process.

  • Viewing Tooth and Gum Tissues
    Optical Coherence Tomography offers a simple means for getting a real-time view of the interiors of your tooth and gums.

How Is Laser Dentistry Beneficial for You?

Laser dentistry can present a multitude of treatment benefits for you, as it can:

  • Prevent the involvement of stitches by applying soft tissue dental lasers.

  • Eliminate the use of anesthesia for some of the dental procedures.

  • Reduce bleeding, because the high-energy soft beam induces coagulation of exposed blood vessels which control blood loss.

  • Minimize bacterial infections as the high-energy beam disinfects the problem area.

  • Reduce damage caused to surrounding tissues.

  • Help in faster wound healing and tissues regeneration.

Laser Dentistry Near You
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