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5 Reasons to Stop Being Worried About Dental Implant Surgery

5 Reasons to Stop Being Worried About Dental Implant Surgery

It’s very common to see people getting stressed and scared before any surgical procedure. It also happens with dental implant surgery. Like any other surgery, it involves processes like incision, stitching, healing. That also leads to risks associated with those processes, such as bleeding, infection, swelling, pain, and temporary facial bruising. However, with the advancements in surgery techniques, dentists have successfully eliminated or at least minimized these risks significantly.

Still, the fear of surgery remains there with us! The fear comes from a friend’s experience who had an unsatisfactory surgery (perhaps because of an ill-planning or ineptitude) very recently, or from those who never had it ever.

Well, stop worrying because these 5 reasons will set you free from your dental implant fears.

  • A Well-designed Procedure
    The procedure is very-well designed. Before anything, your dentist will take a complete medical and dental evaluation to ensure you do not have any health conditions that could make a surgery inadvisable. Only after that he’ll develop a plan for the surgery. X-ray screenings, controlled dose of local anesthesia, and all other procedures are designed and crafted to give you a great overall experience.

  • No Feeling of Pain During the Surgery
    All the drilling and screwing involved in the procedure may sound very painful, but you’ll be comfortable to know that placing an implant is easier than taking a tooth out. Use of local anesthetic will keep you awake but won’t let you feel the pain during the procedure, especially if it is done with healthy tissue.

  • Gives You a Natural Look and Feel
    It is one of the best reasons for the patients to go for an implant without fearing it. Dental implant supported prostheses are more natural and attractive than removable dentures in appearance. It gives you a more charming, endearing, and confident smile. Also the prosthesis is permanent and non-removable as they fuse it to the bone.

  • Minimal Discomfort Post Surgery
    You may experience a little discomfort post-surgery. After all, it’s a major dental procedure, but it is manageable. The discomfort could occur in the chin, cheeks, or underneath the eyes and you may also experience bruising of the skin and gums, pain at the implant site, and minor bleeding. Don’t worry! A non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug, such as aspirin, is provided post-surgery to tackle the pain. It’s also advisable to use an ice pack to reduce swelling and to eat only soft food after each stage of surgery for up to 10 to 14 days.

  • Takes Little Time to Heal
    It will take just a couple of days to heal. It should not affect your normal routine; you can go back to work anytime. However, you should be careful of what you eat and the pressure you put on that side of the mouth. Also, the rate of success in this procedure is very high, between 90-97%.

Stop fearing the pain and make an appointment with your dentist to know more about the procedure involved in the dental implant surgery.

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